A2A Mission Statement

To help unite mind body and spirit through all recovery philosophies, education, and exercise.

A2A Vision Statement

To not just abstain from addiction, but flourish in life as a healthy individual.

A2A Logo

We use a five pointed star as part of our logo, the five points of the star stand for God, Self, Society, Service, and Fitness.

Since 1993

This is not Substance Abuse Treatment--
This is a support group that incorporates a peer driven support group and exercise!

Addict 2 Athlete is a support group that is free to anyone who wants to participate. We incorporate the best of all recovery philosophies into our sessions. Much Like Bruce Lee we believe that in a fight you should use every tool available. We go from the 12 Steps to Rational Recovery, like substance abuse our program is constantly evolving.

All ages are welcome... from 8 to 80!

Addict 2 Athlete is designed to not just combat addiction, but all compulsive behaviors. Such as alcohol, drugs, food, smoking, sex/porn, gambling and hoarding.

The meetings consist of a half hour support group followed by a half hour of exercise, and our workouts are designed for beginners as well as elite athletes.